We are two hot shots on the run to take over the world.

Actually we are two guys who love coffee and have taken it upon ourselves to make sure we can provide the world and its inhabitants the best experience when it comes to Coffee Drinking, by going into the nitty gritty and whilst keeping our love for coffee alive.
We are not Coffee Connoisseurs so coffee to us is based on what we experience when we try different coffees. The different Blends that we have come up with are a combination of simplicity, depth and the essence of our story. We hope you enjoy the different experiences and do let us know your thoughts by writing into us at : info@beanstalknleaves.com


Vivek Ramnani (Co Conspirator)

A Mechanical Engineer from M.S Ramaiah Institute Of Technology, who understands the importance of great coffee for obvious reasons. Worked in two different set ups. The first was with a startup in Silicon Valley called Snapstick and the other was Unetixs Vascular which was into Medical Device Manufacturing.

Ashish Gyan (Co Conspirator)

Armed with a Masters in Medical Genetics, what drives him, is to have fun while grappling with challenging situations. Having worked in a BPO during his college days, to being a team member of various Event management and organisations to being part of a startup based in London (thestudentjobs.com), he has always aspired to be an entrepreneur who creates a valued brand. Coffee has been a lifeline through it all and it was only justified that he paid a tribute to this elixir and Beanstalk & Leaves was a no brainer of a choice. On the personal front, Running, Cycling and Eating a lot of seafood are some of his other Vices that he indulges in.