- FAQ -

Is this instant coffee?

No It isn't instant coffee. It's better. This coffee is supposed to be brewed and it can be simplycdone with a Dabba filter or you can use any other coffee making method/machine.

Does the coffee contain Chicory ?

In some of our coffee’s we do add chicory and it would be mentioned in the description .

What’s the purpose of Chicory ?

We use chicory as a catalyst and less of a flavouring agent. The chicory helps in accentuating the flavors of the coffee its mixed in with and delivers a very smooth outcome.

What is so special about you ?

Coffee around the world is looked from two different perspectives. The first being from the connoisseurs perspective. The other being as SIMPLE as good or bad coffee. And we are the ones who thought to balance the both. With our Love for Coffee which is very strong, we came up with a product where the high quality of product is guaranteed but the difference being, we chose to characterise our blends based on likingness and the type of experience each individual blend produces.

Explain more about your blends!

So the blends have been engineered to be likeable by almost anyone. In short we have come up with coffee that can suit anyone. From the velvety feel of “Velvet Dew” , to the rush of“Shotgun” upto the perfect balance of “Smooth Operator”, each blend is very distinct in their characteristics.